PC Repairs in Sandhurst and the area

“THE RITE ONE” provides services to householders in Sandhurst, Crowthorne, Bracknell, Wokingham and the surrounding area to resolve the frustrations which arise when their PCs, laptops and tablets don’t work.

THE RITE ONE provides a no-nonsense friendly and reassuring solution to everyday problems at fair and reasonable costs. THE RITE ONE’s customers can relax and offer a cup of tea while their problems are sorted out, without worrying about escalating costs. White, no sugar, thanks!

THE RITE ONE was formed in 2011 by Andy Nicholas. Andy has been a professional in the IT industry for 30 years.

Home IT is far more complicated than most people really want to be bothered with. You probably want to use your IT, not maintain it. Whereas we love diagnosing, fixing and improving things. So feel free to Contact Us with your IT problems and we will all be happier!

Our Aims

We aim to provide a friendly service which will establish a strong word-of-mouth reputation for honesty, integrity and reliability.

We aim to understand your actual requirements when purchasing and using your IT equipment so that we can advise solutions which are best for you.

Most of all, we aim to give YOU peace of mind, knowing that you have someone you can call when things go wrong. Someone who will offer sound advice.

Benefits to You

THE RITE ONE will offer YOU the same advice and choices as would be applied for themselves. If something can be fixed, it will be fixed. If there is a way to patch things up economically you will be told. If something really needs replacing or renewing, you will be helped to find the most cost-effective solution.

THE RITE ONE will aim to give solutions that are most cost-effective for you in the long run. Any options will be discussed, with you firmly in the driving seat. This gives you back some Peace of Mind in a situation where you may have lost some!