TheRiteOne PC repair in Sandhurst, Crowthorne, Yateley and the area
IT Services to the Sandhurst area. Registered company No: 8094138

The man behind the PC repairs

Once upon a time there was a little boy with a pet. The pet was a tortoise called Fred, and one night he died. The little boy asked his mother “Mummy... can we take it apart to see how it works?” Needless to say, his mother said “No”. The little boy, despite this minor setback in his investigations, grew into a man who loved nothing more than to take things apart to see how they work. Be they motorbikes, washing machines, toys or computers, anything and everything (besides family pets, mind) was a pleasure to figure out.


The man in the story is me, Andy, company director of The Rite One for PC repairs, and I would like to tell you a little bit about myself.

I grew up beside the sea in Cornwall, Devon and Jersey, and still love going back – especially to visit my mother in Jersey where I took my A-levels before completing a degree in Mathematics at Nottingham University.

Born in Bristol in 1961, the son of a Methodist Minister, my childhood was spent moving on a regular 5-yearly basis between postings for my father.

"Fixing Stuff"

Probably the earliest recorded sign that I might end up in a career "fixing stuff" comes from that story which my mother tells from an age which I can barely remember. Like many Blue Peter followers, we used to have pet tortoises as children and one of mine inevitably died. As Dad was about to perform the solemn and respectful burial which must be observed on such occasions, I asked "Can we take it apart and see how it worked?" Clearly my future as a vetinary surgeon was going to be in some doubt, but that curiosity about the inner workings of things is still an identifiable driver in what I now do.

In my late teenage years this recurred in relation to the motorbikes which I started to ride after our move to Jersey. It may partly have been necessity that I spent almost as much time maintaining and repairing them as I did riding, but I found (and still find) a great sense of satisfaction from making something work again after it had failed or keeping it going just a bit longer. The lack of an MOT system in Jersey may have encouraged some somewhat "creative" engineering which, with hindsight, I might not entirely recommend!


I was married in 1991 and have two adult daughters. My wife was following a computing career when we met but made a career change after bringing up our family to become a primary school teacher. Our own children had proved such a testament to her ability (especially considering their Father's "input") that she went professional. My career, before The Rite One was formed, had been in software development projects in a variety of roles, and included 18 years with Nokia up until the closure of their UK R&D site at Farnborough in 2012. So, with the family grown up and the closing of the Nokia doors, an opportunity opened to have a change of direction. This led to the formation of "The Rite One".

In Summary

In relation to home and small business IT, my experience is primarily with Windows-based equipment. More importantly, with The Rite One I am making available my strong problem solving skills, engineering discipline and a willingness to help as much as I am technical skills. With these skills I have been able, in my own home, to adapt to fixing up all manner of things. Washing machines, hoovers, games machines and sundry children's toys. But sadly, to date, no tortoises.

As a footnote, the tortoise story HAS continued somewhat later in life. Prior to launching the business, I made a trip to the Galapagos islands, doing a little volunteer conservation work. And visiting some tortoises!

I hope I can be of help with your IT problems

Andy Nicholas, Director "The Rite One"