TheRiteOne PC repair in Sandhurst, Crowthorne, Yateley and the area
IT Services to the Sandhurst area. Registered company No: 8094138

Great Value PC Support in Sandhurst and the area

  • Diagnostic cover charge £25 (refunded if you proceed with the work)
  • Standard charge for basic tasks £50 (exc parts)
  • Longer, more complex tasks rising to £90 (exc parts)

Follow the links for details of laptop screen/keyboard repairs or tablet screens

The categories of work are described below with some typical examples but you can just call us on 01344 512022 and we will discuss YOUR issue and tell you where it fits

All prices are exclusive of any hardware or software (licence) purchases required. They will be based on local work within standard work hours. See our Terms and Conditions for details

In a bit more detail...

Diagnostic cover charge £25 (refundable against work costs)

  • We will investigate and give an initial diagnosis for £25
  • This charge is not applicable if you proceed with the advised work - we only charge once!
  • Don't know if your problem can be fixed or worried it might not be cost-effective? Take advantage of our professional advice to give you your options.

Tasks charged at £50:

  • Basic virus and adware removal *
  • Data recovery (lost data)**
  • Laptop screen/ keyboard replacements (parts supplied by you) or see here
  • Wireless network setup (up to 3 devices - extra devices @£10 per device)
  • Software application installation and setup (including anti-virus)
  • Basic hardware upgrades eg RAM, installing new cards

More complex or unpredictable tasks with prices up to £90

  • Complex virus and spyware removal *
  • Data recovery from damaged media **
  • Password recovery
  • Major hardware repairs/upgrades e.g motherboard replacement, failed hard drive migration.
  • Full security review and setup with anti-virus, firewall and router advice/(re)installation/(re)configuration
  • Installing and setting up a data backup

* Virus and malware removal will depend on the infection of which there are many different types. Very many common adware infections which slow your PC and interfere with internet browsing can be removed at the lower fee

** Data recovery where the storage has not been damaged/is not failing are done at the lower rate. If the storage is damaged, partial recovery only may be possible. This requires more time and complex tools and is charged at the higher rate.

Individual quotations for combined tasks

  • New PC installation and setup with migration of applications and user data. Quote will vary depending if we supply the PC and on the size and complexity of the migration


  • Guidance on use of Windows/Office and application software priced at £30 per half hour. Your agenda. Your pace. Discounts for multiple sessions

So if you require PC maintenance or repair services in the Crowthorne area including Sandhurst, Yateley, Bracknell, Wokingham, Camberley, Farnborough please contact us.

If its not listed above, just ask!