Repair Services
  • Laptop hardware repairs*
  • Virus removal, malware and popup ad removal
  • PC's that won't start
  • Computer that won't boot up or log in
  • Slow PCs - diagnosis and performance tuning
  • Data recovery - deleted files / failing hard drives
  • Printing problems

*Laptop Screen or Keyboard Replacement Service

Screen prices start at £75 with a typical cost of *£85-£90*, Keyboard replacements from £60 including new parts. Ask us about our availability of used parts for a slightly cheaper repair.

(Note that touchscreens are significantly more expensive)

Service includes local collection and delivery (please check terms and conditions for "local").

Call now for a quote on your machine. Provide your make, model name and number for an accurate quote. Model names and numbers are usually found on stickers on the bottom of the machine and may be called part number, type number or similar, Just call us if you are unsure!

Upgrade/Setup Services
  • PC install and setup
  • Data and application migration
  • Hardware upgrades, Advice on new equipment as needed
  • Printing problems/printer setup
  • Help with broadband setup and configuration, Wifi wireless setup
Maintenance Services
  • Malware and Security scan/checks
  • Anti-virus and firewall advice/installation/configuration
  • Data backup solutions, Software installation and setup
  • Performance check and tuning

Cost guidance:

  • Diagnostic cover charge £20 (refunded if you proceed with the work)
  • Standard charge for basic tasks £50 (exc parts)
  • Longer, more complex tasks rising to £90 (exc parts)