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iPad and Tablet Screen Repairs

We replace screens and LCDs for all iPad versions as listed and will quote for other tablets. For laptop screen repairs, please click here.

iPad Screen replacement Service

We offer a local collect, fix and return service. No mailing costs - this is the full price.

Model Screen Screen plus LCD
iPad 2 £65 £110
iPad 3/4 £65 £110
iPad 5 (Air)** £75 £120

please note that quotes are subject to parts availability

Regrettably, we have withdrawn repair services for the iPad mini series. The compact construction of these devices leads to many problems in repair such that we feel unable to offer a sufficiently high quality, reliable repair.

** iPad Air 2 is constructed with the display and touchscreen bonded together. This will make repair of this device a more expensive proposition. Screen prices are moving and it is best to call for the latest prices

iPad Air Pro screens are yet more exensive and we are currently not offering repair for those.


If the display is still showing everything but its behind a cracked glass, you just need a screen. If the display is off or "messed up", you may need screen and LCD!

If your screen has minor cracks but can still be used, we can arrange a time when we can take, fix and return it to you within hours at no extra cost. (We normally recommend an overnight stay with us to ensure the adhesives have fully "gone off" before returning it to you).

Please check terms and conditions for "local".

Not sure which iPad version you have? Here is the official Apple identification list

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Other Tablets

We offer advice on other tablets. Some can be repaired economically, but we are sorry to say that some can't! If you don't ask, you won't know. We won't take offence when you reply "HOW much?" - just don't shoot the messenger!

Call us or fill in the form below for a quote on your tablet. Please be sure you provide your make, model name and number for an accurate quote.

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