PC maintenance in Sandhurst

Tom In Trouble

Needs (another) repair

"My laptop worked yesterday but something's happened. I have no idea what's going on but I need it working."

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PC maintenance in Sandhurst

"Uma On The Upgrade"

Wants something better

"My PC is a bit old and tired. I would like to speed it up a bit. I have so much stuff on it - I am worried about getting a new one."

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PC maintenance in Sandhurst

"Cautious Kevin"

Needs PC Maintenance

"I worry about keeping my PC and my personal data safe. I would like to have advice so I feel more secure."

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THE RITE ONE provides a no-nonsense friendly and reassuring solution to everyday problems. THE RITE ONE’s customers can relax and offer a cup of tea while their problems are sorted out, without worrying about escalating costs.
White, no sugar, thanks!

The Rite One provides PC repair and maintenance services to homes and small businesses. Based in Sandhurst, we cover Crowthorne, Yateley and Finchampstead, Bracknell, Wokingham, Camberley and Ascot.